Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Hypocrisy Of William Hague

A short one this. As many will already know, the tensions and anger in Tunisia have evolved into an uprising, which forced Ben Ali to flee to Saudi Arabia. However, this situation has caused violence to break out with, as Al Jazzy reports, "squads of men in civilian clothes were driving through Tunis at high speed, shooting randomly at buildings and people". Alongside this, looting etc has flared up. Obviously, this is a chaotic situation for the people of Tunisia.

In response to this, William Hague has come out to condemn the violence:

"I condemn the violence and call on the Tunisian authorities to do all they can to resolve the situation peacefully.
I am calling for a rapid return to law and order, restraint from all sides, an orderly move towards free and fair elections and an immediate expansion of political freedoms in Tunisia."

However back in December, Mr. Hague said would back any United Nations-led military action taken to force out incumbent Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo. Which, obviously, would result in quite a lot of violence!

Come on now, Mr. Hague. Don't pretend to be a Lover Of All Peace when you're willing to back military action against the Ivory Coast. Although, it could be because everyone in the West loved Ben Ali, as he had decent growth rates in the economy and because he brought 'stability' (i.e. the persistence of tyranny). Gonna end this on a Cool Pic. 

(Source for the William Hague quote is the Telegraph)

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